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ICT is made up of two technologies. The "Information" and "Communication" technology (ICT). Each of them has a giant black hole inside. If we enter one of the two black holes, we will find that they have the same origin. The origin that we have learned to call "world establishment".

The latter appears to be the author of the ancestral deception of which man has been a victim since the dawn of time. Two out of two technologies have been “skilfully” attacked and seriously injured from the same origin. Mathematically speaking, this cannot be a coincidence.

A new map of the territory in the field of IT Security is therefore absolutely necessary.

Alfred Korzybski was a Polish engineer, philosopher, and mathematician. Korzybski's work culminated in the founding of a new discipline which he called General Semantics (GS, "General Semantics"), not to be confused with semantics. The basic principles of General Semantics were set out in his book Science and Sanity, published in 1933[1].


«A map is not the territory it represents, but, if correct, it has a structure similar to the territory, which explains its usefulness.»

Alfred Korzybski


Korzybski meant by "map of the territory" our representation of the territory. By "territory" the Polish scientist, on the other hand, meant "objective reality".

Korzybski argued in his GS that human knowledge of the world is limited by both the human nervous system and the languages that humans have developed. For Korzybski we humans do not have direct access to knowledge of reality, but rather we access "limited perceptions" and a set of "convictions and/or beliefs" that the Society has misunderstood as "direct knowledge of reality", thus demonstrating that there is no such thing as "objective experience". In a nutshell, there is no single "objective reality", but many "subjective realities".


Given the thought of Korzybski, who affirms that there is not a single truth but many points of view, it is also true that if we ask ourselves a few more questions we notice that something just does not return in the world, including that of IT Security.


In this book, I present "my" map of the territory in the IT Security field and which I call IT Security Heretical.

Even if the representation of objective reality is very difficult for humans, it is also true that if we look at IT Security through the map of the territory of the orthodox IT Security, it does not explain the "why" of some very strange anomalies that we find inside.

If, on the other hand, we begin to connect the points between the different anomalies present everywhere, in history, religion, psychology, money and finance, politics and law, science and technology, things change. Only by doing so, we have crossed over into the world of IT Security Heretical.


The book is structured in 15 chapters, which I am going briefly to describe below.


Chapter 1-Magic Spell makes it clear that we "already" live in a spell due to our insignificant situational awareness and that we ourselves are the real culprits of this spell. The Matrix (our "civil society") is created by our own mind and therefore we are victims of a spell created by ourselves. People are typically unaware that they are the victims of an ancestral deception that prevents their own mind to make experiencing the Truth.


Chapter 2 - The Pyramid of Freedom and Security invites the researcher to reflect on the concept of Freedom and Security. The concept of Freedom is so vast that it leads us to talk about the universe, duality, and free will. In IT Security Heretical, the knowledge of the Pyramid of Freedom and Security, and its 3 levels (Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3), are of fundamental importance. This is the focal point of the difference with orthodox IT security. We will also learn about Level 0 (zero) and what it represents.


Chapter 3 - The Pyramid NWO (Introduction) anticipates and briefly describes the Pyramid NWO within IT Security. In IT Security Heretical, the knowledge of the Pyramid NWO, and its 3 levels (Level -1, Level -2, Level -3), are of fundamental importance. The Pyramid NWO is totally unknown to orthodox IT Security but is instead an integral part of IT Security Heretical. Dark secret sects whose origin is lost in time directly control the Pyramid NWO. The function of the Pyramid NWO is to cancel (at least contrast) the 3 levels of the Pyramid of Freedom and Security (described in chapter 2).


Then there are 3 chapters dedicated to technical knowledge of the world of IT Security.

The 3 chapters describe in a simple, but at the same time in-depth way, the science that concerns security in the IT world. These 3 chapters cover the first objective of the book: To spread the know-how of IT Security in a simple way.

IT Security is explained through the representation of simple geometric patterns that are worth a thousand words.

Chapter 4-IT Security and Basic Knowledge describes the essence of IT Security by identifying the cornerstones with which to create our IT security. Once you have learned the basic idea, it will be easy to create mind maps in IT Security.

Chapter 5-IT Security Architecture and its Genesis presents in a “progressive” way the architectures in the IT Security field up to the most advanced one: the IT Security Heretical. Architectures are nothing more than different ways in which the "mind" connects the cornerstones of IT Security (described in chapter 4) in distinct manner.

Chapter 6-Best Practices and Standards in the IT Security Heretical field provides the implementation details indicated by the most widespread Best Practices and Standards in the world. A relentless demonstration will immediately make the reader understand that best practices and standards are not up to the task and that the introduction of an IT Security Heretical is necessary.




Followed by 7 chapters dedicated to the knowledge of the world of IT Security Heretical. Taken together, they describe the additional knowledge the researcher should have to cross over into the world of IT Security Heretical.

The 7 chapters collectively cover the second objective of this book: Knowledge of ancestral deception contextualized within our IT Security Strategy.

Chapter 7 – IT Security Heretical (Introduction) introduces us to the new discipline.

Chapter 8 - The DRAGON System vs Awakening begins with the story of my disruptive event, the creation of the DRAGON system closely connected to the famous 9/11 and its USA Patrioct Act 2001. I tell you right away that 9/11, the USA Patrioct Act 2001 and IT Security do not get along at all. But we all know this well. Anomalous facts from "insider" of 9/11 in the world of IT Security have provoked in me an equally disruptive awakening due to the awareness of the omnipresence of obscure interference in human history.

Chapter 9 - Immersed in the deception of the Night of the Times has two objectives. The first is to describe in detail the Four Pillars of the Dominion, the structure on which the world MATRIX rests. The second objective is to present the hypothetical organization chart of Freemasonry and the Secret Sects that govern the world. In this way, we learn about our "hostile" and "skilled" adversary, as advised by General Sun Tzu (The Art of War).

Chapter 10 - Ancestral dominion of man over man is perhaps the most impactful information section for the reader. It is assumed that the researcher, after reading the previous chapter 9 (Four Pillars of Dominion and Secret Sects), is ready to go beyond the "world of illusory appearances", as Nikola Tesla would have said. In particular, chapter 10 introduces the reader to the monumental work of Prof. Corrado Malanga in the "abduction" area.

Chapter 11 - The Pyramid NWO (Details) describes in detail its 3 Levels (Big Fiction, Big Lies, Big Brother). Big Fiction (Level -1) is the Matrix and its basic logic. Big Lies (Level -2) the Laws in the world of IT Security and their "backdoors". Big Brother (Level -3) is the reverse engineering of the two black holes present in ICT Security mentioned above.

Chapter 12 - Cyberspace Security is a Lie is the crude analysis of Level -3 at a less technical level, albeit always in detail, whose goal is to describe the "real" situation of IT Security today.

Chapter 13-IT Security Heretical (Details) describes in-depth what IT Security Heretical is, its philosophy, its implications, and the entropic technical solutions thanks to which man dominates technology and not vice versa. Above all, it describes a New Map of the Territory in the IT Security field. IT Security Heretical which also overwhelms the world of Financial Systems (FS) exposing not only the current GFS (Global Financial System) but also, and above all, the disturbing QFS (Quantum Financial System). Entropic solutions also in the FS (Financial System) field are provided.


The last two chapters of the book are dedicated to the description of the third and final goal of the book: To become aware of oneself in order to create a Happy World.

Chapter 14-Evideon: The science of Prof. Corrado Malanga describes the essence of the amazing theory of the scientist. Where man is an integral part, indeed a co-author, of a non-local fractal holographic universe.

The deep awareness of this amazing knowledge creates in us the certainty that a Happy World awaits us (chapter 15-We are the creators of our Universe).


We just need to want it.



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