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Is it possible that man is the victim of an ancestral deception? Is it conceivable that altered information is able to imprison man in a spell? Is the existence of this mental spell of which man is a victim demonstrable in some way?

I really think so. And "technically", I add.

Well over 80% of all microprocessors in the world are electronically "parasitized". This electronic parasite (SoC) is able to create a gigantic "black hole" inside the CPU (Central Processing Unit) of all computers in the world. Black hole potentially capable of completely nullifying the concept of IT (Information Technology) Security.

At the same time, the Internet (Communication Technology) is also raped by a technology (Public Cloud Network) capable of generating a "distortion of the Internet fabric", creating another gigantic "black hole" within the global network. Black hole potentially capable of sucking the entire World Network into it, transforming the Internet from a "decentralized network" to a "centralized network".

This means that both the two fundamental technologies of ICT ("Information" and "Communication" Technology) have been "silently" and "secretly" devastated "technically".

Digital Transformation, our "new" fully digital society, therefore rests its foundations on top of a huge black hole.

The spell we live in is not fake news but it is, unfortunately, our daily reality. We create the spell ourselves when we turn to the other side, thus avoiding asking ourselves questions that need to be answered.


This book describes the technical details of "how" these black holes were made within ICT and "what" they produce.

Furthermore, the text indicates to the reader not only "who" created such huge chasms but also and above all "why".

We anticipate that the answer to this last question goes far beyond the lust for power. The domination of man over man is only a starting point, but there are also many other and even more disturbing ones.

Usually our investigations focused on answering our "whys" often begin with a careful analysis of the "anomalies" of the things that do not come back to us.



Sometimes it happens that within these "anomalies" we also find completely unexpected things, an entire universe to be explored, absolutely amazing and wonderful. This is our case. And that is the good news. We will talk about it at length.

It is also true, however, that our investigation started from the analysis of "anomalies", within which we found other anomalies, and within these many other anomalies. Discovering, in the end, that humanity is the victim of a deception whose origin is lost in time. And that is the bad news.

Man has only one way to break this atavistic deception like "snow in the sun": to become aware of himself.

Sometimes the "catalyst" (understood as an element capable of increasing the energy of the system) capable of generating a sudden increase in one's awareness of man is when he is overwhelmed by a "disruptive event" so powerful as to crumble all or almost all his basic knowledge. The situation is so dramatic as to provoke strong emotions and feelings in him.

In that tragic moment, man is forced to ask himself questions and give himself answers. We are alone with ourselves. The direct experience of an adverse event, or even the acquisition of new shocking information, can push man towards a process of growing awareness of him.

9/11 was that disruptive event for me. The episode that changed my life forever occurred, in particular, a few years after the tragic events of 9/11. When in 2005 the Italian government, in a "very non-transparent" way, made a decree into law in three days, the Pisanu Decree, written along the lines of the infamous USA Patriot Act 2001. Immediately after the approval of the Pisanu Decree, I was commissioned by the company where I worked, Hewlett & Packard, to design, and develop an Interception & Data Retention system for Telecom Italia.  At the time, I led a team of professionals from HP in Rome. The anomalies were not lacking.

Often IT (Information Technology) professionals, of which I belong, mistakenly believe that our world is, for technical reasons, uncontaminated by external influences.

In particular, they are 100% convinced that "natively" the tools (computers and systems) they use, perform exactly what they ordered them to do, through specific software, appropriate system configurations, tools of various kinds, entire software systems , and so on.

Perhaps this was true "before" 2008, "after", starting from that year, "parasitized" microprocessors (CPUs) began to circulate "secretly" in the world.

Only in 2017, after 9 long years, did the news of parasitized microprocessors begin to circulate in the field of IT Security, my professional field. Many true IT Security experts were indignant. At the same time, the "occult power" undertook to quickly remove this technology capable of violating other technology from the mass media.

2008 was, on the other hand, 9/11 within 80% of the CPUs of the whole world. A terrorist attack of another type, we have already said, technology capable of violating other technology.

IT Security continued to be talked about as if nothing had happened.  We create the spell when we decide not to understand.

Also in that year (2008), if chance exists, at the same time begins the massive media, technical, social, political, economic, and strategic hammering of the technical advantages, and not only, of the diffusion of Public Clouds Networks.

Other "extremely suspicious" technology, in addition to the fact that the Public Cloud Network is "technically" an anti-entropic technology in the "involutionary" sense (as I explain in detail later in the book).

Previously I stated that man is the victim of an ancestral deception that creates the spell or the Matrix, if you prefer. I also asserted that man has only one way to take this deception like snow in the sun, that of becoming aware of himself. Finally, I added that an important catalyst in our awareness raising process is a disruptive event.

The in-depth study of "how", but above all of "why" there is a parasite inside a microprocessor is a disruptive event.

The deep analysis of the "how", but above all of the "why" there is a distortion of the Internet fabric due to parasitized CPUs (and not only) within hundreds of gigantic data centers around the world dedicated to Public Cloud Networks it is a disruptive event.

These two huge black holes within ICT are, taken together, the "proof", the "smoking gun", thanks to which we can "technically" prove that something just is not right.

This means that orthodox IT Security (promoted by the academic world) is completely inadequate to meet its fundamental objectives.

The cover design of the book represents the 3 main objectives of IT Security (CIA Triad). Two out of three of these goals are dissolving completely, indeed, they have almost vanished.

Only Availability (guarantee of system operation) remained “deliberately” operational. The other two, Confidentiality (guarantee of security and confidentiality) and Integrity (guarantee of non-manipulated data), have been under attack for some time and are disintegrating within the black hole. All of this means one thing; IT Security is just an empty word that has long since lost its deep meaning.

Let us admit, just for a moment, that after a careful study of parasitized microprocessors, something, even to you, just does not add up. We are undoubtedly facing a disruptive event.

The "how" technically this black hole was created and “what” it produce in the IT world will be detailed in the book, but for now, we do not worry about that.

The most important questions of all to ask ourselves are "who" (the instigator) created this black hole inside the CPUs, but above all "why" (the "deep" motivation).

Incredibly, our investigation will take us so far back in time to the origin of the ancestral deception. In addition, extraordinarily, also to discover ourselves.

Our in-depth research, of course, begins in the ICT (Information Communication Technology) field, and then branches out in a multidisciplinary context, going backwards in time in parallel, to the point of questioning the dogmatic vision of the Genesis of the Universe and of Man.

I am sure that many other curious researchers in the world have unwittingly found themselves investigating without knowing what they were looking for, at least in the beginning. In all likelihood, they too, will have found "strange anomalies" in their work environment, or in the various disciplines of their interest, such as medicine, physics, chemistry, information technology, finance, religions, social, political, legislative, and much, much more.

Now let us imagine this scenario.

A "curious" doctor, attracted by some anomalies, decides to have a vaccine analyzed. The report of the specialized laboratory states that within the vaccine there are some highly harmful substances for humans and for this reason they should not be present in that serum. If this were not enough, he discovers, after careful research, that these substances "respond" to specific electromagnetic solicitations coming from the "outside world".



Clearly, this discovery creates more than a question in the mind of the "curious doctor". Almost certainly, the field of investigation will not be able to remain relegated to the medical field alone but, in all probability, it will cross over into other scientific disciplines. Perhaps he too, as happened to me, will find himself forced to go far back in time, only to then find the answers he was looking for at the beginning of the History of Man.

Perhaps, he too, will have wondered: «What is that "formidable parasite" doing inside that vaccine? "Who" controls that species of parasite from the outside? But, above all, “why” do all this?».

I asked myself the same questions when in 2017 I realized that inside Intel CPUs there is a "chip" which, in fact, is the absolute master of the microprocessor of which it is "host". Parasite capable not only of "internally" dominating the entire CPU, but also of isolating the microprocessor from the "outside world". Technically, the parasite is able to receive commands, execute them without the microprocessor realizing anything, as well as being able to interfere with the run time of the Host Microprocessor (the microprocessor of which the parasite is a host).

As I previously stated, in the field of IT (Information Technology)[1], it is believed that this discipline is incorruptible.

This belief has its own precise technical motivation. The concise, and at the same time profound, explanation of this IT security is roughly the following.

A microprocessor knows only two "states": "zero" ("false"), "one" ("true")[2]. In the world of IT, something can be either "true" or "false" and there can be no middle ground.

It starts from here the conviction of the vast majority of IT professionals who "believe" 100% that "natively" the tools (computers & systems) they use, perform exactly what they "order" them to do, through specific software, appropriate system configurations, tools of various kinds, entire software systems, and so on.


However, since 2008, as we know, "parasitized" microprocessors have started to circulate.

However, this means that a “new” logical state has also been born: the "perhaps" (as well as the "true" and the "false"). And this "new logical state" is a gigantic problem for IT Security, indeed apocalyptic. This state I call it "Level -3".

As mentioned, also in 2008, the sneaky newspeak of Orwellian memory began to infiltrate, even in the world of ICT. In particular, people began to call what was "Private", even a "Trade Secret" ("Industrial Secret"), as "Public", adding to the latter also the smoky and lying word "Cloud".

The sad truth is this. The "Level -3" within the "Public Cloud Computing" completely empties ICT Security of meaning.

I have no difficulty in imagining what the reaction of the multitude of IT Security professionals will be when reading this statement.

The important thing for me is that I have perhaps ignited within some readers that spark called "curiosity", a typical characteristic of the researcher who wishes to go "beyond the world of illusory appearances", said the Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla.

In short, that desire to wake up from the spell in which almost all of us unknowingly live. And that is good these days.

The reason why the millennial deception is still so little known to the multitude is very simple. Man grew up in lies, he studied for years books full of lies, and is bombarded every day with information full of lies.

The Matrix is not outside but it is inside man, in his mind not very aware.

Some people, due to their forma-mentis (mindset), are inclined to be more intuitive than the multitude.

Other people, on the other hand, having been overwhelmed by a disruptive event, were forced to look with their own eyes at a completely unexpected reality, such as to blow up their beliefs, and at the same time lift the veil of the lie in which they were unconsciously wrapped up until that moment. That is all.


So I hope that my strong statement from before (IT Security potentially non-existent) triggers within each of you that "spark" or "curiosity" that makes you understand, even to you, that something is really not right.



Spark so intense as to make a burning fire ignite within each of you that pushes you not only to understand what is wrong but also to activate in you that wonderful process that leads us to search for ourselves and our relationship with Whole Created. The stake is very high.

For this reason, I also tell my disruptive episode born indirectly on 9/11/2001, and whose shock wave materialized in Italy in the summer of 2005 in the world of ICT. I do this only to give the "curious" reader further elements of study, which may perhaps be useful in his personal research. The story of my episode, at this point, disappears into the background and perhaps it was, once again, useful.

I say this because I have no recourse to HP Italy. On the contrary, I thank them for having woken me from the torpor, from the spell in which I "unknowingly" lived, to certainly make me understand on my skin, terrible truths, but at the same time to discover amazing, extraordinary, beautiful things (the "good news" above).

When this "act of willingness to understand" appears in us, the next step is only one: personal research.

This moment, however, is at the same time a very difficult situation for the researcher because, if he has carefully followed the most unpleasant event he experienced (albeit indirectly for now), he will also have understood that the millennial deception is hidden everywhere. And "those" who move the threads of the world are very good at deceiving, as well as being practically invisible.

Let us admit, just for a moment, that IT Security is "technically" completely compromised. If so, then it is entirely plausible to say that our "new" digital society (Digital Transformation) that we are building rests its foundation on top of a gigantic black hole. It is good to point out that Digital Transformation enters our life not only in our homes.

Once it is understood that something just does not add up, it is easy to imagine that on the other side of the black hole we find the Masters of the World, an elite of characters whose origin is lost in time. And these are not philanthropists.

In a context of this type it is evident that IT Security is a problem for everyone, not just for Cyberspace "experts".

We can no longer pretend nothing has happened and turn away. There is simply no time left.



The whole world finds itself in the grotesque situation in which the planet's economic, financial, technological, and political elites (World Economic Forum) meet in alpine locations, one at random "Davos" (Switzerland), and quickly decide the fate of the entire planet.

It is undeniable that something just is not right. What does a pandemic (COVID-19) have to do with the economic Great Reset "imposed" in 2020, rather than "proposed" by the World Economic Forum (WEF)? Why can we no longer go back to the "before" situation of the pandemic? Why do the super-rich, themselves then, have to impose on the world population the new motto of life: “you will own nothing and you will be happy”? Who foments wars and crises? Do we want to talk about the ongoing introduction of the disturbing new monetary system that will cause the apocalyptic and imminent world economic collapse, the perfect crisis to establish the New World Order (NWO)? How do you impose digital currency when ICT is inside a black hole? And is Transhumanism (Mind and Computer closely connected) inside a black hole a smart idea? Who is on the other side of the black hole? But above all, once again, "why" do all this?

Plutocratic technocracy must also be fought through a widespread knowledge of IT Security.

Let us suppose that an authentic and indomitable "act of willingness to understand" has finally arisen within us. So the next step, as we have already said, is personal research.

We repeat once again, "IT Security" is everyone's problem today. In a "technocratic" context it is deleterious to "delegate" the defense of our life to "them", that is to "experts", it seems clear to me. Each of us has to start getting our hands dirty and become truly the protagonist of our own life.

It is not at all true that IT Security is a complex science; nothing is complex in this world.

Modern quantum physics tells us that we live in a non-local fractal holographic universe. For now let us focus only on the "fractal". A "fractal universe" means that the entire cosmos is built through the combination of "tiny virtual bricks" all identical to each other.


So why should IT Security be considered complex?



It is not! In fact, even IT Security is made up of combinations of "tiny bricks" all identical to each other, there are patterns, that is, patterns, repetitive structures, simple "basic architectures" that combine together creating architectures in the field IT Security also very complex. But that is another thing. So nothing is complex are many simple tiny bricks that create a complex thing. Complexity simply does not exist. What is needed is only "an act of willingness to understand", the will to raise our level of awareness.

The research presented in this book is the result of many years of work. IT Security can be explained in a simple way, through simple "basic architectures", which by duplicating and/or combining with each other are able to create the IT Security you want. The curious reader, even if not an expert in the world of IT Security, will be able to acquire, in this area, a considerable know-how, even if at a high level, because obviously years of study are necessary for the knowledge of the details.

Even the researcher, reading only 3 chapters (out of 15) of this book, will be able to easily converse with the IT Security "experts" on the topic of Best Practices and Standards promoted by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and NIST (Institute of Standards) and Technology), almost as equals.

And perhaps agree with me, and tell our "experts" interlocutors that we appreciate the "advice" of the ISO and NIST, but only "advice" in question. These organizations have no right to sit down to teach the world what Standard is and what it is not. We have serious difficulty understanding why, one by chance, NIST is promoting anti-entropic technologies such as the "Cloud" (as it is understood today). Not to mention the shameful "silences" of both the ISO and NIST on the worldwide spread of parasitized CPUs. Is it possible that the "experts" of NIST and ISO have nothing to say about that black hole inside almost all the microprocessors in the world? Finally, we just cannot forget the skeletons in the NIST closet about 9/11 (we'll talk about it).



My book has three goals.


The first objective is to demonstrate that Orthodox IT Security has had its day. Many experts in the world of IT Security are beginning to say enough to the inclusion of decidedly ambiguous technologies in the IT field. It is also time for an IT Security Heretical that is well aware of the ancestral deception of which man is an unconscious victim.

To understand you need to know, for this reason the first objective of the book is to give “everyone” the basic, and at the same time profound, knowledge in the IT Security field. It is time for a New Map of the Territory on IT Security. Knowing that his motto is: “Creativity and Interdisciplinarity are the Yin and Yang of the TAO of IT Security Heretical”.


The second main objective of the book is to make manifest the millennial deception in which man has been a victim since the dawn of time. To do this we enter through the door of ICT, because the "anomaly" in the ICT world is the "smoking gun" left by the Masters of the World.

"Traces" have also been left on it, which we can isolate, verify, analyze, study, and make all our tests and reflections on them.

Therefore, the second goal of the book is to present a multidisciplinary investigation. This second objective is divided into multiple sub-objectives, which are closely interconnected.

We will share a lot of "heretical" knowledge.

We will detail the architecture of power based on the Four Pillars of Dominion. We will draw the organization chart of the World Establishment and its internal architecture. We will know the Matrix that reveals itself in the world of IT Security on three negative levels (Level -1, Level -2, and Level -3). We will create a new map of the territory in the field of IT Security Heretical, which is certainly aware of the ancestral deception of which man is a victim. We will provide ideas for new solutions of an "entropic nature" (symmetrical and therefore evolutionary) in the world of ICT Security (Information and Communication Technology Security).




The third most important and final objective of the book is to show the reader a way, thanks to which he will perhaps be able, if he wishes, to melt this ancestral deception from his mind and life like snow in the sun.

Our research has taken us so far and back in time and in addition to discovering the millennial deception, we have found ourselves, because behind every deep research, after all, we are looking for ourselves and the mysteries of the universe in which we are part integral.

The third objective is to present a Revolutionary Science, well beyond orthodox Quantum Physics.

The awareness of the true Genesis of the Universe and of Man (the third point) leads us to understand that We Men Are the True Creators of Our Universe (the good news) and that a Happy World, like the one predicted by Prof. Corrado Malanga, it is certainly possible.


A "simple" act of will on the part of all of us will suffice.

And a new world more worth living in will suddenly reveal itself in front of us.


It is up to us to want this to happen now. Right now.


Everything is possible.


We are the creators of our Universe.

It is the beginning of a new era.




[1] "IT" understood in the broadest sense of the term and which also includes ICT (Information Communication Technology).

[2] Or viceversa.

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